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dual cameras

25 Minutes

Max flight time

28.5 Cm

Drone Length

49 Mph

Max speed

1.2 Km

Max range

0.3 Kg

Max payload

It’s as easy to fly as point and shoot

explore, see more

Wifi control: Realize real-time transmission of real-time video by pairing mobile applications with drone wifi. One-button take-off / landing: make operation more convenient. One-button automatic return function: the plane can easily find the way home.

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high durability

Wide-angle camera: capture and record every beautiful and memorable moment.
Height maintenance: It provides convenient operation and stable flight for beginners.
Headless mode: completely solve the pilot’s misalignment problem.
Gesture photo recording: The camera automatically recognizes gestures to take photos or videos.

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awesome features

more accurately

No flying skills required


Because safety matters

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Best Low Budget 4k Drone

GPS Drone 4k Profesional 8K HD Camera 2-Axis Gimbal Anti-Shake Aerial Photography Brushless Foldable Quadcopter

$151.19 – $224.44


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